NEW PACKS from September 2020 ! including all COVID rules
Week or Weekend (2 nights) at certain periods:
Prices for 2-6 (1st floor) or 9 people (access to all levels)

A transparent Global Price.

To the Basic Pack Price should always be added the Additional Fees (as detailed below) :


Please add 190 € to the Basic Package, in most cases.

Please add 290 € to the Basic Package,  during cold weather, when heating is necessary.



1-Additional Costs to be added to the Basic package all year long:

-Fixed fees

€ 170 = € 90 for cleaning, € 80 for linen

-Variable fees = 20 to 30 € / week: Tourist taxes (0.20 to 0.80 € / N / P)

Basic package + approximately € 190

2-Costs when cold weather, heating fees : Electricity (Gîtes de France rules)

EDF variable costs: 100 € / week on average (Firewood: free)

Basic package + approximately € 290

The house is equipped with a wood-fired heating base through the insert fireplace (wood: free), accompanied by efficient ceramic inertia radiators 2019. Heating prices, according to the Rules of Gîtes de France: the price of Kwh to be paid in addition beyond the threshold of 8 Kwh / day, tariff applied EDF: HC: 0.132, HP: 0.171).


For any further question, please contact us, by email or phone.

We will be glad to welcome you in  : French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese